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Flower Arrangement Pearl Bangle Bracelet in Gold Plated

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The Flower Arrangement Pearl Bangle Bracelet will fall this way and that with the movements of your arm, allowing gazes to move alongside it.

A firm 18ct gold plated bangle creates the basis for a branch effect. Multiple stones in a variety of colours are brought together in a perfectly imperfect assortment of colours and shapes. The pink, purple, yellow and beige hues gradually thin out to reveal the 18ct gold plated bangle bracelet and its lush leaf designs, decorated with two mini pearls on either side of the installation. 

Wearing this piece feels like a flowery essence is always there with you. The airy feel that a bangle offers as opposed to a bracelet's more secure fix is a welcome change in your pearl jewellery collection, especially when coupled with such a detailed and unique silhouette.