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Floral Freshwater Pearl Brooch with Aventurin Leafs

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Looking for something stylish? Maybe something bold? Maybe it’s subtlety you are after ? Either way e&e has the perfect brooch for you. Their floral freshwater pearl brooch is not only stylish but also offers a bold and subtle look. This brooch is one of the most affordable and stylish brooches out there in the UK at the moment.Part of e&es silver jewellery collection this fashionable roman brooch is the perfect accessory fit for any occasion.Unique and skillfully designed this pearl brooch will brighten up your day and is an eye catching piece of pearl jewellery. e&e Jewellery London also offers a wide range of gold plated jewellery that is of high quality and some of the best 18 ct gold plated pieces out there.This masterfully designed accessory for women it can also be the best gift for her.This brooch from the UK is one of e&es best gold plated jewellery made in the UK. E&e also offers a vast range of high quality handmade jewellery that is becoming a popular go to for jewellery enthusiasts, also part of their handmade jewellery collection is the masterfully designed gemstone brooch.