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Evil Eye Sterling Silver CZ Stud Earrings

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Evil eye jewellery has so much meaning attached and this meaning extends to a range of religions and cultures all across the world. It is believed that the evil eye, when worn as an evil eye studs, will protect you from evil glances that might be directed towards you. While evil eye jewellery is available in a variety of different pieces, eye studs are the best option because when you have them clipped onto your ears they will be constantly looking out into the world, protecting you constantly.
The evil eye stud earrings that are available from e&e London have been made from 925 sterling silver. Cubic zirconia stones have been used to highlight the eye design of these sterling silver evil eye studs.The larger single cubic zirconia in the centre of the eye helps to create a powerful looking pair of turkish eye earrings. When you wear these silver studs on your ears you can be sure that you will not be affected negatively by any evil glances or ill will. For a little more protection or a bolder look, add some ear cuffs up your ear lobes.
If you are looking for eye studs in the UK, browse the collection available at e&e jewellery. They have a range of lucky eye studs that will protect you every day. All of the earrings from e&e have been made from designers who are experts in their field and who only use 925 sterling silver to make their pieces of silver jewellery.