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Emerald Flower with Single Stone Pearl Brooch

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Designed with the intention of making the perfect brooch, e&e has one of the best brooches in the world. Their emerald flower with single stone pearl brooch is a work of art. Pure perfection this brooch will brighten up your day. It can be paired with any out and adds a touch of class.This brooch is the perfect brooch for any occasion and will take the breath away from all who lay their eyes on it.Better designed than the roman brooch this brooch offers a unique take on brooches, with its colorful and bold pattern. e&e offers a wide variety of pearl jewellery and include their collection is this stunning pearl brooch. Most of e&es pearl brooches are also 18ct gold plated making sure they last a long time. e&e Jewellery London offers a wide range of gold plated jewellery that are a popular choice among women making this the ideal gift for her.Boasting the biggest collection of brooches in the UK this piece of gold plated jewellery produced in the UK is one of the few affordable pieces of handmade jewellery. You can also find the popular gemstone brooch at e&e.