Double Pearl Drop Earrings

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct Gold Plated
Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl
Weight: Light
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Everyone knows that no jewellery set is complete without pearl earrings. Pearl earrings offer a subtle and classy look to any outfit and are the perfect accessory for all and any occasion. The best part is that e&e offers the best and most affordable pair of double pearl drop earrings that are beautifully designed and will draw the attention of all and any onlookers. These captivating cheap pearl earrings will make you look completely fabulous. These earrings have the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face and liven up your day.A delicately designed piece of gold plated jewellery these fresh water pearl earrings from part of e&es extensive collection of  freshwater pearl jewellery. e&e Jewellery London in the UK offers a variety of top quality fresh water pearl jewellery and are becoming a popular choice of pearl earrings in the UK.Their collection of pearl earrings made in London is also becoming a go to option for those who enjoy high quality made pearl jewellery.They are part of the few top quality 18ct gold plated earrings in UK. These earrings are 18ct gold plated with the finest attention paid to detail.