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Crescent Sterling Silver Earrings

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If we had to pick just one pair of sterling silver earrings to call an "ode to bohemian style", we would probably go with the Crescent Sterling Silver Earrings. 

With a hinged ear-wire clasp for that perfect trapeze sort of finish, the earring flows in a crescent shape, highlighting the high polished surface instantly. The 925 sterling silver variation is the most minimal one, with the 18ct gold plated version taking centre stage in all of your summer outfits. Wear them with a messy ponytail look for that added drama to your look, or pair them with the Bullet Gold Plated Necklace for a busier styling. 

If you're looking for a romantic gesture, then the pink hues of the rose gold plated variation will look magnificent in a signature e&e pouch!