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Circular Evil Eye Gold Plated Necklace

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Evil eye necklaces have never been easier to layer! 

The Circular Evil Eye Gold Plated Necklace sits high on the neck, although you can adjust the length freely. The neckline is decorated by a circular evil eye charm, flaunting spectacularly vibrant turquoise, dark blue and white stones that sparkle endlessly. The chain is lightly decorated with gold and turquoise coloured beads, for that textured feel. 

Handcrafted and nickel free, you can pair this gold plated necklace in a million ways; starting with its deserving counterpart, the Ottoman Coin Gold Plated Necklace. 

Make this refined jewellery yours, or offer it as a thoughtful gift. Whichever way you go, it will be positive energy worth sharing!


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