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Pearl Earrings

If you invest in one piece of jewellery, then let it be a pair of e&e’s pearl earrings. Pearls give so much elegance to whatever piece of jewellery they are used on. Having a pair of pearl earrings in your collection will come in very handy. You can add them to your power suit, or you can add them to your wedding dress, they will look stunning with both outfits. Pearl earrings are one of those pieces of jewellery that get passed down from one generation to the next because of their timeless beauty.

Pearl earrings can be set in both gold and silver. They add just the right amount of sophistication to a pair of gold earrings and they will make for the most perfect anniversary celebration gift. Our handmade earrings have all been made with care, using only the best quality metals and pearls. Pearls may not bring as much colour as gemstone earrings do but they do bring endless amounts of sophistication and class. Add a pair of pearl earrings to your collection, you will be able to pull them out of your collection any time and they will instantly make you feel better.