Bunch of Pearl Spiral Earrings

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct Gold Plated
Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl
Weight: Light
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e&e has designed the perfect pair of pearl earrings that offer an elegant and beautiful design. Their bunch of pearl spiral earrings are a masterpiece with the immense amounts of attention payed to the finest detail to create a beautiful and breathtaking pair of freshwater pearl earrings. e&e has a variety of pearl earrings with prices ranging from cheap pearl earrings to more expensive pearl jewellery. Even at affordable prices e&e produces high quality earrings and is due to the fact that they’re gold plated earrings which ensures they last longer.Part of e&es collection of skillfully crafted freshwater pearl jewellery are their fresh water pearl earrings which is one of the finest and most beautifully designed fresh water pearl jewellery currently out there. e&e also boasts having the finest quality pearl earrings in the UK and the second largest collection of high quality pearl earrings in London.Part of e&e Jewellery Londons’ collection of handmade jewellery is there 18ct gold plated earrings which is one of the best 18ct gold plated pieces of jewellery in the UK at the moment and is a must have for anybody looking for beautifully designed jewellery.