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Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

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This blue sapphire evil eye bracelet will look absolutely perfect when wrapped around your wrist. The two little evil eye charms sit stylishly at the end of this gold-plated bracelet. The two evil eyes will look out into the world offering you protection from negativity and malice. Handmade with care and attention to detail this eye bracelet will sit perfectly on your wrist. You can wear this blue eye bracelet on its own for a more elegant look or you can add different designs of bracelets for a more layered, stacked look. However you decide to wear this bracelet, it will bring a splash of color and a sense of style to your outfit. When you need something that makes a statement and that will bring positivity and abundance into your life, then simple clip on this bracelet. For a quality evil eye bracelet in the UK, visit e&e jewellery.