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Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Bangle

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Bangles are stunning pieces of jewellery that add a whole new feel to your look. This gold-plated evil eye bangle will not only bring all the shine and sparkle to your outfit, but it will also offer the protection that comes with the evil eye. The adjustable evil eye bangle has been made from 18ct and is smooth on the underside of the bangle but on the outer side the textured design gives the bangle a unique look at feel. In the centre of the bangle is the evil eye design using sapphires to create the blue outline and clear stones in the middle, finishing off the eye design. The end result is a sapphire evil eye bangle that will not only add colour to your outfit but will also help to protect you from negativity, malice and ill-will. Wrap this adjustable gold-plated bangle elegantly around your wrist.