​Our favourite: Rose gold plated silver

​Our favourite: Rose gold plated silver

21st Apr 2020

Rose gold plated jewellery is such a great, affordable alternative to gold jewellery. To the untrained eye it looks the same as gold allowing you to build up a stunning collection of jewellery at a fraction of the price. This applies to rose gold plated pieces as well – you get the same look for less.

Rose-gold is often confused with actual gold, but it is not the same, it is in fact a mixture of yellow, gold, silver and copper combined together to make the stunning shade of pink that is incredibly popular. So, while rose gold is made from gold, it is not actually gold. 

Reasons why we love rose gold.

It doesn’t tarnish. When jewellery tarnishes it can look dark and bland, fortunately this will not happen to your rose gold jewellery because of how it is made. It will, however, start to darken after a few years. This is due to the copper used in the make up of rose gold jewellery.

It is durable. While gold is a soft metal but when mixed with the other metals to make rose gold it is made to more durable and lasting. You can rest assured that your rose gold pieces will last for years.

Wearing rose gold jewellery

Wear it in layers

Layering is popular at the moment, even with rose gold. Add a few rose gold necklaces with different pendants to your look. Or stack some elegant rose-gold chains. The metal is feminine and as such it adds to the overall elegance of your look. Pick rose gold necklaces that are different lengths to create an even more effective look. Add some rose gold studs to complete the look.

Keep it minimal

Layers aren’t for everyone. For a more minimal look you might want to stick to a pendant with a pearl, diamond, or clear crystal. Rose gold pairs best with neutral tones in both clothes and gemstones, so don’t over do it by adding too much color. The rose gold piece is going to draw enough attention, keep your outfit minimal and let the jewellery do all the work.

Mix and match

While sets are great to have, they can get boring. Play around with the pieces you own and add a round pendant with a triangle ring , it is the same but different and will coordinate your look perfectly. If you don’t have matching pieces, wear the same stones together, even if the style is different.

The colors don’t have to be the same

You can wear rose gold with other golds, like yellow and gold. Layer up your bracelets to include all the golds you have in your jewellery box. You can also add different colored pieces, like a rose gold bracelet with yellow gold earrings and a white gold chain. Experiment and play around with what works for your style and outfit.

Keep it neutral

Rose gold brings all the color to the party so keep your outfit neutral. White, black, beige and creams all work well with rose gold pieces and it will even work well with a patterned outfit. The same rules that apply to other pieces of jewellery apply to rose gold pieces when it comes to chunky jewellery. If you have chunky pieces, stick to a simple outfit, and choose just one statement piece.

Tile Ring

This ring is sheer elegance. Its cubic zirconia bring a little bit of shine to the look while the rose gold adds elegance and sophistication.

Adjustable flower ringAdjustable rings are great to have in your collection because they allow you to really play around with where and how you wear them. This one is no different and the flowers set against the rose gold is sheer perfection.

Octogram bracelet

For a little pop of color add this bracelet to your arm. You can stack it up with a few other bracelets for something a little different.

Double circle necklace

We love this is an everyday piece. It will go with literally anything you wear. You won’t need to add any other pieces when you have this necklace on, it is that effective.

Zig Zag Ring

Another great everyday ring that you can wear to work. The little crystals add a subtle but sophisticated sparkle to your look.

Half-moon necklace

This is the perfect piece to wear over the weekends when you are enjoying casual outings with friends and family. The half moon pendant hanging from the delicate chain is the perfect partnership.

Plain textured ring

Sometimes simple is better and this plain, textured ring can make a bold statement when added to your outfit. Add this as part of a stack of rings or simple wear it on its own with your daily work wear. Whatever you decide, it will be perfect.