Friendship bracelets: Show your Friendship with Hand Bracelets

Friendship bracelets: Show your Friendship with Hand Bracelets

17th Jun 2020

Jewellery is such a great way to show how much your friendships mean to you. When you buy a friend a piece of jewellery, they can wear it every day to remind them of your friendship. Not only are these pieces of jewellery meaningful and sentimental they are also beautiful, and you can use any piece of jewellery to showcase your friendship. Friendship bracelets are great pieces of jewellery that can be worn easily as everyday pieces. A hamsa hand bracelet is a great way to show your friends how much they mean to you.

The hamsa hand is a Middle Eastern amulet that symbolizes the Hand of God. It is a symbol found in all faiths across the world. The meaning of the hand is the same across all of these religions. It is believed that the hand protects the wearer and brings good luck, good health, and good fortune into your life. The hamsa hand pendant has two different designs, the first one is shaped like a hand and the second is also shaped like a hand but has two symmetrical thumbs. Both designs will protect the wearer and bring good luck into their lives. He hand can be worn in two different ways, with the fingers pointing upwards or alternatively with the fingers facing down.

The word hamsa comes from the word “hamesh” which is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The number 5 as significance in many cultures. There are five books in the Torah, and it can be symbolic of the 5 senses that are used to praise God. There are 5 pillars of Islam and the Shi’tes use it to symbolize the Five People of the Cloak.

The hamsa hand can be found in a variety of different pieces of jewellery from rings and necklaces to a hamsa hand bracelet. When you wear the hamsa hand it can attract all things positive to your life. If you wear the hand facing downwards it will attract goodness, fertility, luck, and abundance into your life. When you wear it facing up it works as a powerful symbol of protection against the evil eye and negative energy. 

Hamsa Hand Bracelets

At e&e jewellerywe have range of hamsa hand bracelets, all made from sterling silver jewellery, that will make for the perfect friendship bracelets. Each bracelet has been handcrafted by a team of experts to create timeless pieces of silver jewellery. The hamsa hands are made using a variety of different metals and stones but blue colored stones are most commonly used in the design of the hand. This is because the color blue brings with it added protection calm and abundance.

When you give a friend a hamsa hand bracelet, it does not only show how much you value the friendship but it will also bring abundance into their life.

Gold-plated Hamsa Hand Bracelet

This is a beautiful friendship bracelet featuring the hamsa hand. The bright red stones are used along side gold-plated beads to create a bold bracelet. The hand charm hangs elegantly from the bracelet to bring positivity into the life of the person wearing it. Blue stones are used in the design of the hand because of the symbolism associated with the color blue, it adds even more positivity and positivity. 

Fatima Hand Gold Plated Bracelet

Zirconia Hamsa Hand Sterling Silver Bracelet

This is a beautiful, simple, sterling silver hamsa hand bracelet. The delicate chain is made from 925 sterling silver and the clasp allows for the size of the chain to be adjusted easily. The hand charm features the classic two thumbs and is studded with white zircons to create a beautiful, sparkling charm that completes the bracelet perfectly. This is a more minimal design which makes it perfect to wear as an everyday piece of jewellery.

Zirconian Hamsa Hand Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Rubber Bracelet

This bracelet offers something a little more informal and fun and uses rubber binding and 18ct gold-plated beads to surround the hand pendant. Once again bold blue beads are used in the design of the hand and a blue stone is used in the center as the evil eye, providing even more protection to the wearer. This bracelet is a good choice if your group of friends are a little more fun and looking for a hamsa hand bracelet they can wear every day.

Hamsa Hand Rubber Bracelet

Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Bracelet

The chain of this bracelet is delicate and intricate, and the clasp that has been used allows you to adjust the bracelets size so that it sits perfectly on your wrist. The hamsa hand charm is made from sterling silver and has been designed to create an intricate piece of jewellery. A hamsa hand bracelet, like this stunning bracelet can be worn every day to make sure that you are always protected from negativity and attract only good and positive things into your life.

Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Bracelet