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Beaded Ottoman Coin Gold Plated Necklaces

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A gold plated necklace courtesy of the e&e Ottoman Coins collection.

With designs inspired from handmade jewellery and middle eastern influences, it stands to reason that the 18ct gold plated Ottoman coins would become a focal point of our creative team. In this case, we see detailed 18ct gold plated Ottoman coins flowing gracefully from a beaded necklace. 

One of our most precious handmade necklaces, this every day piece has been made available in so many colours, it's become a hassle trying to choose which! The likes of deep blue, forrest green, fiery red, striking turquoise and the classics (black & white in case you were wondering) create a stark contract with the gold plated charms... The Beaded Ottoman Coin Gold Plated Necklace is also available in a multicoloured beauty inspired from a rainbow we saw once upon a time, for a most playful finish to any look!