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Beaded Evil Eye Anklet with Turquoise Stones

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The evil eye is a powerful talisman that protects you from any evil glances that may be directed towards you. It is believed when you wear an evil eye, you are protected from ill-will and malice. This lucky evil eye anklet is made from a collection of coloured beads. Turquoise beads feature prominently in this beaded anklet and are broken up with slightly larger beads of different shades to give you a fun anklet that you can wear when you head outside to the beach or for fun with friends. You are able to adjust the length of the evil eye anklet which means you can make it smaller or larger depending on how you want to wear it. The unique circle design of the evil eye adds a fun twist to this anklet. Every piece of jewellery at e&e has been handcrafted by a team of jewellers to create a collection of unique, affordable jewellery.