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Aventurin and Pearl Bangle

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This Aventurine and Pearl Bangle will heal your soul and compete your outfit!
The Green Aventurine Gemstone is considered to be a healing quartz that loosens and releases negativity as well as energy blockages. This incredible bracelet will keep you company all the hard days in the office, releasing your stress and lightening your mood with its amazing look. A unique combination of the aventurine stones mixed with lovely pearls on a 18ct gold plated bangle ready to upgrade every outfit and every mood.
The incredible gold plated bracelet with gemstone embellishments is created from nickel free and non-allergenic material, like all of e&e's creations. It is also easily adjustable so that you can fit it perfectly on your hand.
The pale green hues and discreet pearl details make a true work of art, which we will send your way in a lush fabric pouch!