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Amethyst and Pearl Bangle

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Amethyst is a natural stone with the most dazzling and beautiful purple and violet hues. The stone's name comes from the Greek word a-methystos, meaning the inability to get intoxicated. The lovely violet amethyst coloured stone will accompany you with its vibrant positivity during your most entertaining nights, and through your most productive days.
So, wha better than a sensational 18ct gold plated bangle with the alluring combo of amethyst and... what else? Pearls! The violet, purplish colours mix in a delightful way with the texture of the pearls. As all of e&e’s creations, the Amethyst and Pearl Bangle is an adjustable bracelet that will wrap around your arm with a slight tightening, while it cares for your skin because of its hypoallergenic and nickel free make.
The Amethyst and Pearl Bangle will be perfectly for your nights out!