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Adjustable Flower Sterling Silver Ring

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e&e's fascination with nature is evident throughout our collections, with multiple of our silver rings taking cues from leaf installations, flower bouquets or natural symbols of good luck such as the four leaf clover. 

The Adjustable Flower Sterling Silver Ring continues this pattern with another excellent addition to our selection of sterling silver rings. Handcrafted and nickel free, a 925 sterling silver band wraps around your finger until it sits beautifully, yet without allowing its ends to meet. Instead, detailed flowers with elongated leaves make their appearance, creating the illusion they have branched out of the silver setting. 

An inventive styling tip sees two open front rings stacked on top of each other, in an abstract formation. Opt for this flower piece and it's zircon encrusted counterpart; this will add just the right amount of silver and glamour to your look!